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Engage your team in the creative act of listening

The art of listening to yourself and others,

of hearing the meaning behind musicand of creating cohesion and understanding.

Not Your Average “Lecture”

We can’t even stand the word “lecture.” Why be lectured at, when you can be gripped by a fun and fascinating activity?

MusicX is a live performance sprinkled with discussion to help you discover the life-enhancing benefits of active listening. You’ll laugh, you’ll listen, you’ll learn — and when you leave, you’ll wonder where the time went.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

“The PopUp Music team brings polished musical skills and positive spirit to all their programs. It’s great to see how the program’s musically inspired roots create a contagious atmosphere that directly connects with participants having no musical background. It just can’t be beat as a way to provide an original, engaging and fun experience.” – Robert

Music can teach us

Over the course of just a few hours, we’ll take you on a journey into the form, content, and emotion that make up the music you listen to.

You and your team will grow together not just in a shared appreciation for live music, but with renewed powers of observation, analysis, concentration, and communication.

See us in action

Locally Sourced

PopUp events feature living, breathing musicians who love performing. They’re there to illustrate the main points of the talk with musical examples, play mesmerizing tunes for you, and create a dynamic, exciting live show in your very own space.

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