Who are we?

PopUp Musicwas started by working musicians who found a deep connection between their work as performers and the world of start-ups and small businesses. Successful people in both worlds demonstrated superior communication skills, openness to unique perspectives, and an ability to marry disparate concepts together to form new ideas (among many other things). This connection solidified when Ben Whiting (president of PopUp Music, saxophonist) took a part-time job in the entrepreneurial world, and saw these skills being used every day by his new colleagues and every night on the bandstand with his fellow musicians.

Ben started inviting his new friends from work to his performances, and was inspired by their curiosity for what was happening on stage. How do you know when to play? What was going on during that solo? How did you guys meet each other? It was clear that there was something about the act of making music, along with the social world of musicians that resonated with people from the entrepreneurial community.

Enter Alex Lee-Clark. After a stint teaching public school, Alex had transitioned to a freelance career as a musician and educator. Ben and Alex had been playing music together in the Boston scene for a few years, and one evening they sat down to dinner to talk about the possibility of having one of Alex’s  bands play at Ben’s workplace. Given the level of interest Ben and seen in his colleagues and Alex’s experience communicating music to non-musicians, an inclusive performance where the musicians and the audience interacted beyond the usual player/listener relationship seemed uniquely suited for this crowd.

After many successful events, PopUp Music is able to show the nuts and bolts of how musicians work together from the perspective of both the listener of the music and an observer of a company of musicians. It is a unique musical and intellectual experience that is accessible for people of every musical background, and asks the audience to look beyond just the music, beyond just their job, and into how humans behave and experience the world.