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We believe music is a powerful vehicle for fostering community, creating connection, and bolstering creative thinking. 

Let us show you how.


In this talk/performance hybrid, we use our live band to show you how to concentrate while listening, internalize the emotional content of what you’re hearing, and how the musicians work together in ways you can use in everyday life.

“The PopUp Music team brings polished musical skills and positive spirit to all their programs. It’s great to see how the program’s musically inspired roots create a contagious atmosphere that directly connects with participants having no musical background. It just can’t be beat as a way to provide an original, engaging and fun experience”

– Bob

Creative Crash Course

In this highly interactive workshop, we help your team explore how innovation and composition come from building something new out of existing parts. With the help of our skilled and supportive facilitators, you’ll be able to effortlessly use GarageBand®*, and music itself, to realize your own creative voice.

“It was such a treat to be in an environment where people were comfortable taking risks – a judgement free zone where we felt ok being uncomfortable because everyone was experiencing the same thing.”

– Adrienne

PopUp Mini

Bring the perfect live music experience to your team wherever they are. Whether it’s soothing music in a quiet space, a cocktail hour with coworkers and clients, or a full on party where your team can let loose together, we use our vast network of world class musicians to bring the right music for the right moment. 

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